Accounting services and umbrella company

Contractors & freelancers

New to contracting or freelancing and not sure whether you need to register a limited company or join an umbrella company? We can help.

What should I do?
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What Should I do?

Work through a limited company

If you turn over more than £35,000 a year or are establishing an investment business.

Join an umbrella company

If you're a contractor or a consultant and are planning on only contracting short term.

Work as a sole trader

If your turnover is going to be relatively low and you want to keep things very simple.

Set up a limited company

If you're going to be invoicing over £35,000 a year, then setting up a limited company is most likely the best way for you to trade. It's more tax efficient than operating as a sole trader or through an umbrella company.

We can set up your company for you.
As part of this fixed-fee service we will:

  • Incorporate and register your company name and submit all the paperwork to Companies House
  • Advise you on the best share structure for your company
  • Appoint you as company director and complete all HMRC and VAT registrations on your behalf
  • Help you set up a business bank account

Your new company can use our address as your registered office and director's service address. Ongoing use of this address is included in our contractor accounting packages.

How it works?

A limited company is a legal entity in its own right, and when you set one up it is the company that contracts with the clients, not you.

A limited company owns property, generates income, and has legal and financial obligations. It must have a business bank account, and comply with tax legislation for companies, including paying corporation tax, PAYE, NI and VAT.

It’s owned by shareholders, managed by directors and staffed by employees. If you contract through your own limited company, you will be a director of your company and a shareholder in it. This means that you will be paid a salary and be paid dividends. This flexibility is what makes it potentially more tax efficient.

A limited company must be registered at Companies House, and must submit annual returns. As a company director, you have a complex array of obligations, but working in this way allows you to take home more money and look more professional. We simplify the complexity so that you can enjoy the advantages.

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Join My Umbrella

The risk- and hassle-free alternative to a limited company.

If you want to contract without the financial and administrative commitment of setting up your own limited company, you can join an umbrella company.

With My Umbrella you get:

  • Employee benefits, including holiday pay and maternity/paternity pay
  • Guaranteed compliance with tax legislation
  • Paid weekly on the same day your agency pays us
  • Professional indemnity, public liability and employer’s liability insurance

We will:

  • Invoice the client for the work you’ve done
  • Chase up any outstanding payments
  • Take care of all your income tax and national insurance contributions
  • Help you claim all allowable expenses
How it works?

When you join My Umbrella you are put on the My Umbrella payroll. You submit your timesheet, and we do the rest, invoicing your agency and then paying you directly.

We do everything an employer would: pay PAYE and NIC on your behalf, provide you with statutory employment benefits, and cover you through our employer’s public liability and indemnity insurance.

Rather than worry about taxes and the other admin involved in being self-employed, you can concentrate on your work, as you would if you were in a permanent role. You don’t need a business bank account or to register as self-employed, and you don’t need to worry about IR35 as it won’t apply to you.