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In a nutshell, absolutely brilliant

Jess / My FD has an 'online personal approach'.

Having never met Jess, I more think of her as a friend rather than an accountant who deals with my Ltd Co.

She has been so helpful from day one, making sure the ship is sailing in the right direction.

Any queries or concerns were very quickly dealt with and even when Jess was not available, My FD still answered swiftly.

What sets her apart is what she does that she doesn't have to do, 1st class.

Having used the services of My FD over the last year, I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

I have found the Service provided by the whole team as being exceptional, in particular my account manager, Jess Roberts, who is always at hand to give clear guidance and help whenever contacted.

Working in the IT services sector, I am not overtly familiar with the best accountancy practices but any question I have asked, no matter how trivial has been answered efficiently and professionally.

I have been using My FD to do my accounts for the past 12 months. I can only describe the service I get from Kimberley my Account Manager as exceptional; she is always on hand to answer any query I have, she acts with speed and urgency. I really do think I have made the right choice in choosing My FD

My experience to date has been very impressive, the team are always on hand to deal with questions and guide you through processes of set up and day to day general practices. The on line management portal is user friendly and provides excellent real time detail on your company's financials. Most pleasing is the service is tailored towards the individual as they understand the limited company market in contrast to the often generic accountant service you would receive on the highstreet. The team are knowledgable and able to provide guidance to optimise your company operations. I would recommend the team and have found this to be a marked improvement over my previous accountancy services.

With My FD I have peace of mind. Everything is organised very well and I don't have to worry about anything. Simon and Chelsea have been very helpful, kind and they always responded via email very quickly. They've also been very patient with me when I posed them too many questions (I am not great at understanding accountancy issues - I have to admit!). With My FD I am sure that the best will be offered to me and discussed thoroughly. I've already taken advantage of the flat rate scheme thanks to them! This is not to compliment them. Accountancy jobs are really risky: one error might be fatal but I am sure that My FD people are less likely to fall into this trap due to their thorough organisation and amazing portal! I am very happy to collaborate with them and I always refer them to others if they encounter problems with their previous accountants (as I did and it was not pleasant at all: lost money and felt helpless with my financial issues).

I have been very impressed with My FD; they have a very professional approach and manage my finances with monthly updates which means I always know where I stand.

They have always responded knowledgably and promptly to any queries I have had which gives me confidence that my accounts are in good hands.

I find Kimberley and so My FD to be brilliant! She makes the bean counting easy and smooth by telling me what to do and when, their portal is easy to use, and Kimberley was SO helpful in putting things on there for me until I got the hang of it. Similarly she takes care of my invoicing and other matters, in short, I am enormously impressed and happy and I honestly don't know how I would do without them

I have used three different accountants over the last 8 years. With My FD I finally feel like I have someone who is willing to help, rather than someone who wants to do as little as possible and send all the admin in my direction.

I receive prompt responses to emails, everything is handled politely, efficiently and without fuss and I rarely need to lift a finger. You really can't ask for more than that.

Switching my accounting services to My FD has been a significant improvement on any that i've used previously. Their website and service is comprehensive, professional and simple to use. Most importantly they are always helpful and always quick to respond. It makes my life easier and gives me more time to spend on other things.

The service provided by My FD has been excellent, my Account Manager Simon Jarvis is approachable and always at hand to answer any questions I have promptly.

The on-line portal offered as part of the package is simple to use and it only takes a few minutes each month to update as bank statements can be uploaded and transactions automatically created.

My FD are specialists in dealing with contractors and therefore knowledgeable in this field and review contracts as part of the service offered which was not the case with my previous accountants.

I have never enjoyed doing my accounts but since I have been using My FD the process has been far simpler and together with the helpful support provided by Simon it is no longer a chore.

Every client knows the website is a massive time saver with the automated invoicing, seamless integration with bank statements and expenses and a live dashboard (so you always know how your firm is doing). But I believe their excellent service deserves some highlighting: My FD has been impressive when it comes to answering queries. They have promptly replied to all of my (sometimes whimsical) questions with a thoroughly researched answer and in each case went on to state all alternatives and their implications. It has been a profitable learning experience - I look forward to using their expertise for years to come.

I have been with My FD for a couple of years now and I rate them very highly, quite comfortably the best accountants I ever worked with.

Kimberley Morris, my accountant is always there for me! She is very well organized and does everything on time, every single time, no surprises there! She's very knowledgeable and well understands the issues contracts face on a daily basis.

Also, she's very approachable; every time I rang her for help, be it for my mortgage documentation or for accounting references etc. She's very quick to respond and arranges everything without any delays. It really feels like you have a dedicated accountant just for yourself!

My FD also have a very good portal where managing things like projects, expenses, transactions, invoices etc. is made very simple.

My FD has been a complete godsend, the ease of use of the secure site, coupled with unquestionable support and guidance from the team, namely Jessica, has certainly made running a limited company far easier particularly when you have a business to run. So if you ever had any concerns around maintaining your books and the overhead of managing a Limited Company, please contact My FD, they really are the best Accountants that I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

I have been working with My FD for approximately a year now and I am really pleased with the service. Having contracted for a number of years I've used a number of accountants, but My FD really seem to do it all. They are always helpful, always go ‘the extra mile’ and their response time is great. It removes a lot of my worries and allows me to get on with my day job. Their portal is also the best I have used. It’s easy to use, comprehensive, and provides a wealth of information. For any contractor considering a service such as that offered by My FD, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

My experience with My FD has been all positive. They made the process of starting my Limited Company and the financial element associated with this as painless as possible.

They have always answered any of my financial queries in quick and friendly manner. I am therefore happy to recommend their services to anybody.

I’ve been with My FD for over two years now, having transferred from another accountant

With my old accountant I used to have to fill out spreadsheets and reconcile my bank statements each month but My FD have taken that pain away and their portal is very easy to use.

If I ever need help the team are quick to respond and I feel far more relaxed now so am very pleased and am happy to recommend them to others.

It is great to know that someone else is proactively monitoring my upcoming tax and accounting requirements. This enables me to focus on growing the business without the concern that I'm missing something important.

In the first quarter of dealing with My FD and in particular Chelsea and Simon, I have been impressed with the availability of both of them when needed to help me out. Never have I struggled to get an answer or guidance on a particular query quickly, and this has been invaluable as a first timer to a Ltd Company.

The portal for managing invoices, tax and expenses is excellent and makes the process very easy to manage. I am very happy with the service so far.

Having previously worked under an Umbrella Company, My FD made the transition to a limited company very smooth and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Their online portal, is simple to use which enables me to keep track of my finances with ease and Jess, my accountant, is extremely helpful; personable and always on hand to answer any questions that I may have.

This is the first time I've enjoyed the services of an accountant, previously having worked through umbrella services. So far it’s been fantastic. It’s much clearer what money is going where (and why), and it is not hard work at all. It requires 20 minutes of attention a month and I have felt a lot more ‘in charge of’ my contracting income than ever before.

The individual I deal with is:

  • Very responsive – will explain the whys and the wherefores of subjects way in excess of what you’d expect (but might want to know anyway)

  • Very organised – you’re prompted at the right points to do certain things for your own benefit.

  • Polite, timely, knowledgeable, all the other things *you would hope for* in an accountant.

As I don’t have any experience dealing with other accountants I can’t say if it is cheap, but it’s definitely worth the money – the service I receive is quite simply, brilliant.


I have been using My FD for over two years now and have been very happy with the service I have received. The portal is very easy to use and quick to update and provides you with a range of useful additional information such as your current P&L and tax status. The staff at My FD are also prompt to reply to any questions and provide a good service outside of the portal.

Compared to my previous provider My FD represents excellent value for money and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to my colleagues and peers.

Interviewed on Tuesday - needed to form new company ready for Thursday start, phoned My FD Tuesday afternoon, company formed same day and all other arrangements in place ready for the Thursday start – couldn't fault the speed and quality of the service from My FD. Everything done on time, accurately and with minimal fuss – very nice people to deal with too, highly recommended.

I would like to applaud the way that Simon and Chelsea deal with my accounts. They are always available when needed and offer professional and sensible advice on the day to day matters which are posed by Contractors and Contract Issues. If they are unable to deal with the query immediately, then they obtain the answer with the minimum of delay. I can honestly say they always go the extra mile to resolve any outstanding matters any provide an excellent service, which means I can concentrate on my assignments without having to worry.