Help and advice for contractors


A My FD client?
Call or email us.

If you have a question about your tax or your accounts, the quickest way to get the answer that’s relevant to your situation is to call or email your My FD accountant. If you're one of our clients, we know your business and we’ll get back to you with and anwser as soon as possible. We answer most queries within a few hours.


Not yet a client?
Call us.

If you're not yet signed up to our services, call us on 0800 1777 688 to discuss your situation. There’s plenty of information on all things contracting out there, but getting the exact answer you need can take hours. It’s quicker to pick up the phone and speak to someone with years of experience.


The My FD guide to contracting through a limited company

If you're new to contracting, or are just starting out, download our pdf guide. It’s a quick read in plain English that will give you an overview of your legal and tax obligations and the expenses you can claim.