Contractor Accounting Services

What drives us is making life as easy as possible for you. Working full time is hard enough without having the added hassle of doing your own accounting and administering your own limited company in your free time. We know, because we see it all the time.

That’s why we’ve created this unique two-tier offering of contractor accounting services, where the Simplicity package completely removes any hassle associated with running your own limited company, allowing you to focus on your work (or your work/life balance). And did we mention that it’s incredible value? For what’s included in the package it stands head and shoulders above anything else in the marketplace.

But if you’re happy to manage the more of the contractor accounting tasks yourself, we also offer our ‘Simplicity Lite’ option where you’re fully in charge. This package too comes with unbeatable value at £109 per month but includes the same friendly experts at the end of the phone line, the same guarantees and the same IR35 support as the Simplicity Service.

And should you for some reason want to switch between the two service levels, then we offer a seamless transition either way – the amount we bill you will change accordingly in the following month.

To find out more about the two contractor accounting service levels, as well as what else we can do for you, follow the links below.


Simplicity -> Our full service, peace of mind package where we do the leg work. Simplicity Lite ->The basic service package where you manage some of the administration yourself.


Compare Services -> Compare our Simplicity Lite and Simplicity service packages side by side
Company set-up -> If you need us to help you, we will take care of all the admin
IR35 review -> Our class leading contract review service
Other Services -> For the occasions when you would need something bespoke
Our Guarantee -> Our services come with extensive guarantees